Nerd Weddings Part 2 – Batgirl/Nightwing Themed Wedding

As seen on Incredible Things (again!):

Of the many geeky weddings we’ve seen, the wedding between Batgirl and Nightwing (akaBarbara Gorden and Dick Grayson Laura and Seth) is one of the geekiest and classiest. The traditional white dress paired with an optional mask and yellow utility belt makes this bride not only blushing, but badass. Of course the Batman sidekick theme didn’t just stop with the attire—the reception was held at Haly’s Circus, the bouquets were made of comic books, and their photobooth was a Gotham City mugshot. Even their engagement photos were Batgirl and Nightwing themed. Check out the photography of Dianne Personett for more photos of the adorable duo.

Batgirl-and-Nightwings-Wedding-1 Batgirl-and-Nightwings-Wedding-2 Batgirl-and-Nightwings-Wedding-3 Batgirl-and-Nightwings-Wedding-4


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